Do not let a mistake in the past hurt your future.

 Sealing your criminal history will ensure that people do not see what happened in your past. Hire the best defense team at Ristenpart Law to help you through the process.

Ristenpart Law made the sealing process simple. My records were sealed within three weeks. I never again had to explain to a new boss the stupid things I did when I was younger.

- Michael M., Record Sealing Client

What is sealing?

In Nevada, you can petition the court to seal your arrest/criminal record. Nevada does not have expungement, only sealing. Sealing a criminal record makes it invisible. A record seal is when a court orders that a person's criminal records be removed from government databases. This way, the general public no longer can find the criminal record in a background search.


Another benefit to having your record sealed is that you do not have to tell anyone that you had a criminal record. If anyone asks you whether you have a criminal record, you can deny it. You can even deny having a criminal record while you are under oath. Getting a record sealed restores the person's rights to vote, serve on a jury or hold office in Nevada.

When Can I Petition to SEal My record?

Most convictions in Nevada can be sealed, but you must wait the proper amount of time after hte case has closed before petitioning to seal. A case is considered "closed" in Nevada when the defendant has completed all terms of the sentence. This includes paying all fines, completing any required classes, serving jail time, and/or completing probation.

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These time frames are general as the waiting time can change for certain crimes, like a crime of violence. Some crimes like crimes against a child or felony DUI are never able to be sealed. You must first check with an attorney as to whether your conviction is able to be sealed and what waiting time applies to your case.

Sealing a record is a complex multi-step process which is best done with the assistance of an experienced attorney. Contact us today to see how we can ensure your past stays in the past.

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