If you do not protect your rights, they will disappear.  Hire the best defense team at Ristenpart Law to guarantee that does not happen to you.

"Theresa Ristenpart is truly a brilliant legal mind. Her winning record evidences her vigorous advocacy and extraordinary trial skills. When so much is at stake, Theresa Ristenpart is the only choice. It will be the most important and best decision you will ever make."

— Monica Caffaratti, General Practice, Family Law, and Personal Injury Attorney

People only have rights if they are willing to defend those rights.  You have guaranteed rights under the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Despite being guaranteed, these rights can be attacked by government overreach and injustice.  As society and political regimes change, new threats to our rights arise and you need an attorney to protect those rights.

Ristenpart Law is committed to protecting your rights by combining cutting-edge litigation, advocacy and strategic communications for civil and human rights issues.  Ristenpart Law has pioneered daring and innovative legal strategies that have produced many important precedents.