Big Changes to Nevada DUI Laws

Starting October 1, 2018...

There will be big changes for DUI offenders in the State of Nevada.  In 2017, the Nevada legislation passed several amendments changing the current DUI laws to be implemented, or take effect, October 1, 2018.  Anyone arrested or charged October 1 or after will be subject to these new changes.

Interlock Nevada

Mandatory Interlock Device

Anyone who is arrested for driving with .08 BAC (or .02 BAC if under 21) will have to get an interlock device, if driving, for 90 days.  If that person is convicted, meaning goes through the court process and is found guilty and sentenced, then the judge may order an interlock device for another six (6) months.  This is significant change, as previously Nevada only required interlock if the person had a BAC of .18 or higher and only after conviction.

If you fail to install that breath interlock device while you have a restrictive license, your license could then be suspended for three years for a first offense, or five years for a second offense or more.

Extended Loss of Driver's License


Now, a person whose test shows a BAC of .08 or higher will automatically lose their driver's license for 185 days for a first DUI offense.  This is substantially higher than the previous 90 days for a first time offender.  You can apply for a restricted license (to drive to and from work) after 93 days, but must first show proof of the interlock device and the SR-22 insurance rider.